Hello from the ProD Team!


We have been enjoying the most beautiful sunsets this past week in Ventura, CA and wanted to share some of the beauty with you as well as give you the ProD update!

News update:

  • 2 months ago we experienced a %12 price increase on most products (the first in 2 1/2 years). Sorry to anyone who is caught by surprise when placing an order!
  • We’re happy to announce that many of our products are currently in stock or in production and coming soon- yay!
  • We would like to welcome our newest members of the team
  • Trish- oversees accounting and helps with customer service
  • Veronica- has joined Christi in customer service… taking care of you!
  • Kayla- will be working with our social marketing and putting together fashion shoots (and is writing this blog) :)

And finally, a Happy Birthday to this blog, it’s our very first day and post! We will be uploading our most recent shoots, product information and articles from Dr. Hunter and our Educators to bring you the latest information on how “Better Science makes Better Hair” which in turn makes your clients happy customers!

Much Love,

The ProD Team