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ProDesign professional hair care products have been developed and formulated to treat damaged hair by internationally renowned hair care scientist, Dr. Lee Hunter, and each of the hair products serves a special purpose in maintaining and enriching your hair to make it healthier and vibrant. With more than four decades of research and development, Dr. Hunter has advanced the science of reconstructing damaged hair and developed better methods of managing it. That research has led to innovative hair care techniques such as bonding protein and moisture for hair reconstruction, liquid hair technology, coloring and decolorizing hair, and texturizing, curling, and straightening hair – all without causing any damage whatsoever to hair follicles. Using ProDesign hair care products, you can be sure that you’re managing your hair in such a manner that it is always being made healthier, while you’re styling, coloring, or texturizing your hair.

Our Product Lines

There are three product lines in the ProDesign catalog, each containing distinct products, all of which aim at accomplishing a specific purpose in hair care. Those three major product lines are described in summary below, so that you can have an idea how each can provide major benefits to your personal hair treatment program.


This is a collection of products which will help you to accomplish a complete reconstruction for your hair, and it includes everything you need to turn your hair from dull, lackluster, unhealthy-looking hair, to hair that’s alive and exciting in every strand. There are two different shampoos included in the Tiger line, one of which is specifically used as a reconstructing shampoo, and the other which should be used to achieve greater hydration of your hair. If your hair is frequently dry and lacks the moisture which gives it greater life, the Tiger hydration shampoo should be part of your program.
tiger reconstructing shampoo
The Tiger Reconstructor is a product which helps to rebuild all the different hair types there are, because it uses the same scientific approach to reconstruction of damaged hair. This is a treatment which should be left in the hair, so it has time to do its healing and restoring work, operating behind the scenes to repair problems. For those individuals who wish to have a perm applied to their hair, there’s ProDesign Controlled Effects Perm/Relax, which reconstructs your hair while you’re curling, so as to make it healthier than it was, even while you’re striving to achieve a new look. Tiger Moisture Mist is a product which helps to hydrate your hair, because dry hair can quickly become damaged hair, and leave your entire hair-do looking lifeless and dull. Your hair can dry out fairly quickly, if you’re a person who shampoos frequently, or if you blow-dry your hair a lot. Even if you don’t do either of these, your hair can still become very dry if you live in a hot climate, or if you’re out in the sun and wind fairly often. When your hair dries out, the outer layers of oil in your hair begin to break down, and that’s what causes the lifeless look to take over your hair. Tiger Moisture helps restore that needed hydration, so your hair will perk up again and have that gorgeous-looking sheen that’s so appealing. Tiger Masque is a product which strengthens and reinforces the hydration treatment of Tiger Moisture, and it should be left in the hair to accomplish its task. Tiger Masque will help soften and make your hair shinier, giving it a more appealing look which everyone will notice. Finally, there’s the Tiger Smoothing Kit, which includes a cleansing shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, Tiger Reconstructor Masque, Tiger Protein Reconstructor, and smoothing instructions, so that you can defrizz your hair, and permanently smooth and straighten your hair.


Just as with the Tiger group of products, the Sessions products have a specific purpose, which includes cleansing, shaping, texturizing, and styling. First, there’s Sessions Cleansing Shampoo, to remove all dirt and debris from your hair, then Sessions Rinse and Sessions Smooth can be applied as conditioners, with Smooth being left in the hair for extended conditioning. For shaping and styling, there’s Sessions Shape Gel, Sessions Hard Gel, and Sessions Texture and Texture Ultra-Light.
Sessions Cleanse
To accomplish styling and volumizing your hair, you can use Sessions Velocity Styling Spray, Sessions Normal Spray, Sessions Super Spray, and Sessions 55 Spray. These can be used to set curls and are resistant to humid conditions, so you won’t lose your curls when you’re forced to be outside for an extended period. Sessions Switch Styling Paste and Sessions Form Styling Wax are two products which can achieve exciting results by sculpting either dry or wet hair to achieve a dazzling controlled texture.


Anyone who has experienced the disappointment or embarrassment of thinning hair can have hope again, by using the Revive TH series of products, which will help restore hair growth and add volume to your hair. The Revive Shampoo product is a deep cleansing shampoo which removes all unwanted materials, even deep down to the scalp. Revive TH Conditioner stimulates hair follicles and adds volume to your hair, while Revive TH Treatment stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, and helps rebuild hair right within the follicle itself.
Revive TH shampoo
The Revive TH System Regimine Duo product stimulates renewal in your hair, and when used regularly can accomplish a complete rejuvenation of your hair. The duo includes two different products which work in tandem to achieve a brand new, fuller look to your hair. There is also a Revive TH System Regimine Trio, which incorporates three different products that will provide even more benefits toward making your hair stronger, fuller, and overall healthier, so that you can feel confident again about how your hair looks to others.


Almost everyone can benefit from using ProDesign hair care products, because all of them have been specifically formulated to help your hair achieve a healthier state, and to make it easier to manage for any kind of treatment. If you want your hair to look its best and to actually be healthier than it’s ever been before, you should be using these scientifically developed products to help you accomplish that. ProDesign products are available at many hairdressers and salons throughout the country, and you can contact ProDesign International as well. For any inquiries you may have about our products, or about wholesale purchase, please do contact us at ProDesign International.