Professional Hair Care Products

We are dedicated to bring you products that give you healthy and beautiful hair. For over 20 years, we have been creating products that heal, replenish and revive, by breaking down the science of hair. Dr. Hunter has had thirty-seven years of successful and distinguished experience in the personal care products industry leading R&D groups for several major corporations and is generally recognized as one of the world's experts in the science of hair and personal care development.

Tiger Reconstructing System

Reconstructing Shampoo - Our Tiger Reconstructing Shampoo works to strengthen all types of weak hair of any color, but it is especially effective for redheads and brunettes. It locks in color using a protein catalyst discovered by Dr. Hunter, so if you dye your hair, the color won't fade or dull quickly. This shampoo also locks in texture to help enhance curls, waves, or naturally straight hair. This shampoo contains a pH balance of 6.9, right in the neutral zone.

Moisturizing Shampoo - The Tiger Moisturizing Shampoo is excellent for hair that tends to be drier. Certain hair types especially suffer from dry hair and would benefit most from the Moisturizing Shampoo. These include both natural and dyed blondes, those with highlights, those with coarse, gray hair, or anyone who's hair is prone to dryness. This product strengthens the hair while adding moisture.

tiger reconstructing shampoo

Reconstructor - The Tiger Reconstructor is a leave-in treatment meant for all hair types. It uses the Tiger Flex Protein and the Tiger Catalyst to rebuild hair permanently. Because this product repairs hair from the inside out, it will help hair grow faster, longer, thicker, and stronger. The treatment can be used as needed, but most people use a daily application, so their hair is protected throughout the day. This product is the ultimate heat protector.

Moisture Mist - This product is a daily leave-in treatment. The Tiger Protein will soften, shine, and add control to your hair. Tiger Moisture Mist provides strengthening moisture to the hair. When your hair is well hydrated, it's less prone to breakage and other damage. This Mist assists with the detangling process, so your hair isn't harmed while brushing. The leave-in treatment allows the product to work its magic as you go about your day.

Controlled Effects Perm - The Tiger Controlled Effects Perm comes in two formulas. There are tinted or bleached, and normal or resistant formulas, depending on the hair and the desired look. This product reconstructs hair while it's being curled. There is no fragrance associated with this product, so no one will be suspicious you're treating your hair, and you won't have that typical "perm smell."

Masque - The Tiger Masque is a leave-in treatment that adds strengthening moisture to the hair. The moisture is a deep conditioning that contributes toward overall control, shine, and softening of hair. The Masque's hydrating effects result in weightless detangling, furthering the health of hair.


Cleanse Shampoo - The Cleanse Shampoo provides gentle, yet cleansing to your hair, face, and body. Utilizing a neutral zone pH of seven, the product is safe for color and effective in volumizing hair. The shampoo removes chlorine and other minerals that accumulate on the hair and follicles, dulling their shine. This product is perfect for anyone wanting an effective wash without color lock, with no potential damage.

Rinse - The Sessions Rinse is an instant conditioner that uses the internal ionic bonding of fruit acids. With this rinse, the color, volume, and texture of hair all get a major boost. This product can be used daily to lock in color, and prevent dulling, a detangle and condition.

Sessions Cleanse

Smooth - This product acts as a cutting lotion. It is a daily leave-in conditioner that's perfect for beach days and pool parties. It has a natural liquid hair formula that provides color protection up to SPF 15 and blocks chlorine and saltwater that severely dries out hair, causing damage. The Sessions Smooth product provides texture lock for extended control.

Shape Gel - The Shape Gel is a volumizing gel with a medium to flexible hold. It lifts the roots, gives hair a natural shine, and is humidity resistant. As you blow-dry medium-sized curls are defined by scrunching the hair. You can also cocktail Shape with a stronger hold product like Spray, to keep hair in place or with Smooth to make the hair softer.

Hard Gel - The Hard Gel gives a flexible, but firm hold. This gel conditions your hair while leaving it shiny, so you won't get that hard, crunchy look like other gels. This product is formulated with a flexible copolymer. Style wet hair for a strong hold and blow dry for texture and firm control. The natural shine derived from this product is accompanied by firm control, so your hair will stay in place even under adverse conditions.

Texture - The Texture and Texture Ultra Light products use liquid crystal technology to provide detail defintion and light body. When you add this product to dry hair it provides detail for soft natural definition. This product can also be blow-dried for a more natural body. Alternatively, letting the hair dry naturally provides more control. Both provide a soft, natural definition for hair that tends to be on the drier side. Use Texture for normal to coarse hair and Texture Ultra Light for fine hair.

Sprays - Spray, Super Spray, and Sessions 55 Sprays provide different levels of control and outcomes over hair. Each of these Sprays is fast-drying and humidity-resistant. The Spray and Super Spray include flexible crystal technology and thermal styling to protect against heat, and the Sessions 55 is a finishing spray. Expect a brilliant shine when using any of the ProDesign Sessions sprays.
Styling Paste – The Switch Styling Past is excellent for styling and sculpting hair. The Paste uses fiber network technology for continuous restyling as desired and also has a matte finish, and can be blow-dried for controlled texture.

Revive TH Thinning Hair System

Shampoo - The ReviveTH Shampoo stimulates, rejuvenates, and strengthens your hair. It was specifically designed by Dr. Lee for people struggling with thinning hair. Its neutral zone pH deep cleansing extends the life cycle of your hair, so it's not drying out prematurely.

Conditioner - The ReviveTH Conditioner targets hair follicles using Menthol TH and Capsum TH. These compounds rejuvenate and stimulate hair follicles, encouraging growth. Together these two stimulants serve to add volume, condition your hair, and help with de-tangling.

Revive TH shampoo

Treatment - The ReviveTH Treatment rebuilds hair within the follicle, starting at the root of the issue. It uses Capsum TH to stimulate blood circulation and contains an antioxidant derived from the vitamin B-C-E complex. This formula contributes significantly to the health of hair and targets the source of the issue, rebuilding hair from the bottom up (or top-down in this case).

System Regimens – The ReviveTH System Regimens package includes ReviveTH Shampoo and ReviveTH Treatment and they work together to bring fresh life to hair. The Shampoo serves to provide deep cleansing of your hair, removing all dirt, debris, and chemicals that can accumulate deep down in the roots. The Treatment helps to renew and strengthen your hair, encouraging more growth. Add the Conditioner for a complete hair rejuvenation system.

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