Monthly Deals

The Science

1. Tiger Catalysts’, Covalent Bonding: (‘Permanent’ Protein and Hydrotein Moisture): All ProDesign Tiger Reconstructors contain a ‘Tiger Catalysts’ which is modified specifically for the Tiger Reconstructor it is in. When the Tiger Reconstructor is dried into the hair, the heat of drying reacts with the Tiger Catalyst and turns the ionic bonding of the Tiger Protein Complex or Tiger Moisture Complex into a covalent (permanent) state. This also binds the ProFaCil Complex into the hair insuring tremendous shine and enriching ‘all’ of the components of natural hair. To simplify: It heals the hair with Protein and Moisture permanently from the inside out.

2. Neutral Zone Cleansing (Protein & Moisture): All ProDesign Tiger Reconstructors are pH balanced in the Neutral Zone at pH 6.9; we refer to this as the ‘active pH’ as it is in the Neutral Zone only during penetration and bonding, as soon as the Reconstructor is attached and dried into the hair, the ProFaCil Complex returns the hair to its natural ph5. This allows ProDesign Reconstructors to bind deeper into the hair than any other Reconstructor.

3. ProFaCil Complex: After many years of study in the lab, we produced a “Liquid Hair”, same density as hair, same strength as hair, same optical properties as hair, same healthy feel and manageability as hair and uses no emollients of any kind. As a result the ProFaCil Complex was developed as the base all of ProDesign products. The ProFaCil Complex is made up of wheat protein, fruit acids and lipids and sea sand silicone. It is the closest simulation of hair protein available on the market today. It permanently bonds to the areas of the hair where protein is missing to reconstruct and strengthen the hair. The wearing away of the natural protein in the cuticle of the hair is what causes split ends, dryness and voids on the hair that can only be repaired again with protein. The hair is made up of protein naturally, the ProFaCil complex attaches itself to all depleted areas and strengthens and rebuilds those areas again. It does it covalently which means permanently and the catalyst is heat! Literally the more products you use with heat, the stronger and healthier your hair becomes.

The Products

1. TIGER RECONSTRUCTOR SHAMPOO: Begins the process of repair. Contains a high level of specific fruit acids which help the hairs ability to hold color & maintain body. Increases the benefits of Tiger Reconstructor by 25%.

2. TIGER PROTEIN RECONSTRUCTOR: Covalently binds protein into the hair. Rebuilds weak, damaged hair prior to and during color, bleach and perm; volumizes limp hair, repairs split ends; grows hair longer, stronger, faster!
1. Pre – color porosity equalizer – Mist on damp hair prior to color application.
2. Color Booster – Add ¼ oz to any color formula to increase shine, deposit and longevity.
3. Bleach Buffer – Add ¼ oz to any bleach or highlight process to condition hair as you lift it. Will not affect timing or lift.
4. Pre-fill and rebuild damaged hair ‘prior to color’ – with a ‘maximum’ treatment. Follow directions on bottle, do not rinse.
b) PERM:
1. Pre-Perm wrap – to even porosity and condition
2. Pre-Neutralization Treatment - spray Tiger lightly on rods prior to neutralization.
3. Rebuild - extremely damaged hair with a ‘maximum’ leave in treatment prior to perming. See instructions on bottle.
AT HOME: Apply from mid-shaft to ends following use of Tiger Reconstructing Shampoo. Leave in 15 seconds then comb and style. Use 30% less that your normal styling product as Tiger gives tremendous volume.

3. TIGER MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO: Begins the process of moisturizing and increases the moisture repair of Tiger Masque and Moisture Mist by 25%. Also adds ‘Hydrotein’ which imparts strengthening weightless moisture while maintaining body and control.

4. TIGER MOISTURE MIST: Moisture Mist’s formula contains the world’s first moisturizing protein ‘Hydrotein’ which bonds moisture permanently into hair. Moisture Mist searches out all damaged areas and creates a covalent repair bond. Imparts weightless moisture.
IN SALON: Use as leave-in reconstructor following all bleaching, highlighting, color and perm services.
AT HOME: 1. Mist into hair, squeeze in for 15 seconds, comb through and leave in 2. Light facial & body moisture mist. Lightly mist over body for a smooth ‘clean moisturizer.

5. TIGER MASQUE: Covalently binds moisture (Hydrotein) into the hair (this moisture is a form of protein and contains no oils)
1.Post color, bleach or perm moisturizer:
a) Rinse color/bleach and then apply Masque right into hair before detangling. Comb through and style OR
b) Dry in Masque completely before rinsing it out and then comb through and style.
2. For maximum repair:
a) Blow dry (bake under dryer) Masque into hair after hair is dry, rinse and style.
b) For ultimate repair: Do step a). Then, after it is dry take ¼ inch sections and press into hair with ProDesign Straight Stick. Then rinse and style. Repair lasts 4 – 6 weeks.
1. For quick use apply to hair following Tiger Moisture Shampoo, leave in 30 seconds and rinse out.
2. If rinsing out, spray in Moisture Mist as leave-in conditioner prior to styling.
3. For a maximum treatment, blow dry Masque into your hair then rinse.
4. If you enjoy a ‘style feel’ of product in your hair, you may leave in a small amount of Masque.

Tiger Moisture Shampoo, Masque and Mist are all excellent for Blondes!