Monthly Deals

Cleanse removes the dirt and oils, styling residues, minerals and chlorine with low levels of gentle cleansing agents leaving the hair’s color, moisture, protein and shine intact.


• Daily shampoo for all hair types, COLOR safe. • Gentle deep cleansing removing dirt, oils, styling residues & build ups, minerals & chlorine • Volumizing • Neutral zone pH cleansing, returns hair to its natural pH5 • Leaves hair’s color, moisture, protein and shine intact! • Men – cleanses deep and conditions as it cleanses • Children – won’t burn eyes, is gentle on scalp • Brilliant shine

In Rinse, we have a high level of ‘fruit acids’ which strengthen the hair’s salt bonds and increase the hair’s ability to ‘hold’ onto the color which you have deposited. Rinse should be applied following every color service, it is to be left for 15 seconds and then rinsed out. Rinse should be used as a client’s daily conditioner to ensure the hair’s ability to hold color. Color longevity is increased 30% beyond any other color locking conditioner. This is important in all climates but especially in high humidity climates as the humidity continually stresses the hair’s salt bonds.


Instant conditioner • Internal ionic bonding of fruit acids- increase hair’s ability to hold color! • Use daily to lock in color • Texture lock • Volumizes, Detangles, Light weight

Smooth was the first product in the ProDesign hair care family. We wanted a product that was weightless but yet would control and shape hair while cutting it; a product that would enable the stylist to see the finished look as they cut. Smooth conditions and styles as you cut. Smooth keeps the hair wetter longer as you cut and when heat hits it, it helps the hair dry faster. Smooth has a sunscreen level (SPF) of 15. It detangles, removes static and is a wonderful light style support for those who like a completely natural feel to their hair.


Cutting lotion • Weightless Leave-in Conditioner • Color protection and SPF 15 • Color and Salt Water block • Hold 2 • Brilliant Shine!