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Why: Removes build-up; chlorine and minerals. How: Shampoo hair with CLEANSE. Rinse, towel dry (gets hair initially clean). Re-apply CLEANSE and work into a lather. Cover with a processing cap. Place guest under a hooded dryer for 5 minutes. Rinse. Do not comb out hair. For severe build up, you may use repeated treatments. CLEANSE is COLOR SAFE!


Why: Softens, strengthens & volumizes. How: Shampoo with TIGER RECONSTRUCTING SHAMPOO and work into a lather. Rinse. Gently squeeze excess water out of hair. Note: At this point, the hair has NOT been combed. (TIGER MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO CAN BE SUBSTITUTED for further moisture and smoothing.)


Why: Condition & repair. How: Apply TIGER MASQUE into the hair - completely work it through the hair. DO NOT RINSE OUT. Towel blot to remove excess, but keep as much product in hair as possible.


Why: Repair & strengthen hair with protein. How: At this point, the hair has still NOT been combed. Apply 10 sprays of TIGER PROTEIN RECONSTRUCTOR to towel-dried hair (10 sprays is for shoulder length hair, adjust amount accordingly). DO NOT RINSE OUT.


Cover hair with a processing cap and place under a hot, preheated dryer for 5 minutes.


Remove processing cap and comb hair. DO NOT RINSE OUT AT THIS POINT. Blow dry hair. BAKE the hair with heat. For Ultimate repair after the hair is dry, further BAKE the product into the hair with a flat iron. The heat ‘covalently’ (permanently) bonds the protein and hydrotein into the hair! **Now, RINSE the hair (yes, it will retain the permanent repair) and STYLE (add in your styling products).