Time Saving Tips for Smoothing & Defrizzing

Time Saving Tips for Smoothing & Defrizzing

By Karen Stevenson, PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

Karen Stevenson, PHD - Professional Hair DresserThese are my tips for straightening hair and defrizzing hair faster using ProDesign Tiger Straight Effects:

This article assumes that you understand the current procedure of applying the Tiger Straight Effects System
(SE Formula) . This will give my procedures for speeding up that process and have it be less messy:

Steps For De-frizzing Without The Flat Iron Step

  1. Shampoo with Cleanse, rinse, then shampoo with Tiger Reconstructor Salon Shampoo, Rinse then towel dry.
  2. Spray Tiger Reconstructor for Hair Health Protection
  3. Dry Tiger Reconstructor in the hair with blow dryer and/or under dryer
  4. Apply SE Formula to hair in Shampoo Bowl. Use a Color Bottle Applicator, and be sure to saturate all hair. Use sparingly, however be sure all hair is dampened.
  5. Raise Client out of Shampoo Bowl, comb through hair with wide tooth comb to be sure product is well distributed.
  6. Place hair in plastic cap and go under dryer.
  7. Heat in hair until done (depends on hair texture, health, lift, density of curl, etc. See SE instructions)
  8. Remove Bag at Shampoo Bowl. Allow to cool.
  9. Rinse Hair in Shampoo Bowl thoroughly without disrupting smooth hair. Do NOT ruffle hair, or alter hair at this time. Keep straight as possible in the shampoo bowl.
  10. Towel Dry Hair. Again, Do not ruffle hair, just towel dry in straight position. Carefully Blotting and squeezing gently.
  11. Spray Tiger Reconstructor for second time for hair health and protection.
  12. Blow dry hair in the manner in which client will wear hair. Pay particular attention to parting preference, etc.
  13. Dry completely.


Neutralize as Follows

  • Clip hair, starting at nape, and distribute neutralizer throughout hair, from bottom all the way up to the top of hair, using a wide tooth comb to verify neutralizer in is distributed evenly and applied to all of hair. Be sure Neutralizer is combed in hair the manner in which your guest wears their hair.
  • Allow Neutralizer to remain on hair for up to 5 minutes. No more. Rinse thoroughly.


Steps For Greater Straightening Effect For a Longer Time

(If you are doing this step, do it prior to Neutralizing.)

  • If THERMALLY straightening hair for a greater straightening result and a longer lasting effect: prior to neutralizing – when hair is completely dried, use thermal iron between 400-425 and straighten hair starting at nape using 1/2 inch sections approx. 2-3 inches wide. Each section should be straightened IN THE DIRECTION hair will be desired to be worn. Depending on the desired end result, or the resistance of the hair, repeat motion for thermal iron on each section 3-6 times. Thermal Iron will give appearance hair is straight, however if hair is resistant, be sure to go over it 4-6 times to be sure hair is straightened beyond initial appearance. When done with entire head, being consistent with straightening iron, go to next step to neutralize.


The Differences

This procedure is different from the original standard procedure in the following ways:

  • No more having to section and apply the formula in sections.
  • No more wrapping the hair around head, if long enough.
  • The Flat Iron Step can be eliminated all together in some instances!

Time saved is approx. 1/2 hour to 2 hours, depending on length of hair and density. Time for complete procedure
can be anywhere depending on the length of hair, from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.


TESTIMONY: It Works and Saves Time!

I began doing this particular procedure in order to cut time in the application of the product. I also noticed there were lots of questions from attendees at shows putting too much emphasis on the technique of wrapping and that wasn’t the point. The point was to be sure to get the product on the head and to get the hair saturated. It is easier to control the solution and have it be less messy. This procedure works just as good as the original of sectioning, applying the product and wrapping hair.

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