Thrive with Excellent Service

Thrive with Excellent Service

by Karen Stevenson, PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

Karen Stevenson, PHD - Professional Hair Dresser“Expectation of SERVICE from our guests has heightened” say salons across the nation.

Higher demands from consumers, due to the change in economy, people are expecting much more bang for their buck. This is probably true. However, when you turn it around and see yourself as a consumer, you probably expect a bit more from the services you employ as well. In other words, you want to spend your money wisely, and you too are probably watching where you spend your hard earned dollars.

Consider THIS for your salon… is it that you’ve grown complacent with your services? We as stylists could blame this on lost passion about our career. Therefore the desire and/or energy to be a quality hair stylist has wained. We can also point the finger easily and say that our salon owner, or the manager is not ‘doing their job,’ so ‘we’ the stylist may be suffering. If your books aren’t as full as in the past, or if you are not having as many returned customers as before, it may be that you need to step up your game! Bottom line is, whether you are a booth renter, work solo in a salon, or are a commissioned stylist, the responsibility for quality, focused, excellent service, and maintaining your clients is completely on YOU.

When a guest comes into your salon, do they know they will receive a focused appointment that will deliver quality services, consistency, as well as excellent work with quality products? Will you keep your focus on your client, their hair, and what is going on with THEM? Or, will you possibly slide into poor habits of assuming a trim, talking more about your own personal life than your guests, are you hurrying through the shampoo, rushing them to the shampoo bowl before you consult with them, and finishing with a less than salon-look when they walk out the door? Are your guests recommending you to their friends and family because they are so well pleased?

Are you considering what your client is saying about their challenges and disappointments of how their hair texture is, each and every time they return?

When you see the opportunity offer itself, are you encouraging additional services? For instance, if the client is trying to ‘save money’ by coloring their own hair, are you asking them if they’d like a few highlights to break up their all over one color and offer a bit more dimension? Do you ask them if they are using a quality shampoo when you hear their color is fading, and offer Moisture Shampoo or Reconstructing Shampoo and Rinse as a way to add shine, and maintain their color? Are you hearing them complain about dryness due to the cooler weather, and offering them a Deep Moisture Treatment? Or, possibly educating them about the use of Moisture Masque or Moisture Mist during their appointment so they can take it home and use the products?

What about the Power of One and the business class information you have been offered? Are you going the extra mile for each and every one of your clients? Are you thanking them for their loyalty? There are salons, then there are AWESOME salons. AWESOME salons offer an atmosphere where the designers are excited about doing hair. They are excited about their products and the way they deliver, and they are excited about the end result of their guests hair when they leave. The designers LOOK like hair dressers, and they are NOT intimidated to offer their guests what the guests are asking for. Confident hair stylists do not talk their guests out of a new hairstyle, nor do they ignore the signals of needing extra services if the opportunity presents itself.

KNOW your ProDesign products. KNOW how to offer the services they deliver. Understand when it is time to offer a Reconstructing Treatment, or a Masque Treatment. Know how to teach your guest how to layer or cocktail their ProDesign products to have the excellent salon quality end result finish!

These are just a few tips to help you re-gain your passion and reestablish your industry professionalism. We will have more tips in the months to come!

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