Smoothing Instructions

Smoothing Instructions


Cleansing, Application and Processing

Smoothing Instructions
  1. Shampoo with Cleanse, rinse hair, then shampoo with Tiger Reconstructor Shampoo.
  2. Rinse once again. Towel dry.

  3. Spray on Tiger Reconstructor for hair health and protection. Use TWICE the amount compared to normal application.
  4. Dry Tiger Reconstructor in hair with blow dryer or under hooded dryer to dry.
  5. Mix Smoothing Solution (SS) as follows:
    • In color applicator bottle, mix 1 1/2 oz Perm Solution
    • 1/2 oz Tiger Covalent Structurizer (included in Tiger Controlled Effects Perm)
    • 2 oz Tiger Masque
    • Shake well
  6. With gloves on, apply SS to hair in shampoo bowl. Be sure to saturate all of the hair. At this time, if able, use wide tooth comb and attempt to comb through hair in shampoo bowl to be sure SS is evenly distributed and saturated. DO NOT STRETCH HAIR. (If hair is too curly for combing without stretching hair, then just work SS into hair thoroughly with fingers.) Lift client from shampoo bowl and lightly blot the SS in the hair while near bowl to alleviate dripping and remove excess SS.
  7. Again, comb through hair with wide tooth comb to reassure hair SS is well distributed. If hair is too curly for combing, then work the solution into the hair with fingers.
  8. Place hair in plastic cap and go under dryer.
  9. Heat SS into hair as follows:
  • Bleached and 50% or more high-lift – approx. 10 minutes.
  • Tinted or permed hair – approx. 20 minutes.
  • Untreated hair – 30 minutes.
  • Very resistant hair – 45 minutes.
  • Remove bag at shampoo bowl. Allow to slightly cool.
  • Rinse hair in shampoo bowl thoroughly without disrupting smooth hair. Do NOT ruffle hair at this time or alter the hair. Keep straight as possible in the shampoo bowl. Raise client out of the shampoo bowl.
  • Gently towel dry hair. Do not ruffle hair, just towel dry in a straight position as towel blotting. Squeezing gently.
  • Spray Tiger Reconstructor for second time for hair health and protection. Use twice the amount compared to normal application. (If hair also needs additional moisture, you may add approximately a dime-size for average bob-length hair of Tiger Moisture Masque, or a nickel size of Masque for mid-back length hair. Concentrate the Masque on mid-shaft to ends of hair and this would be applied on top of the Tiger Reconstructor Spray).
  • Blow dry hair in the manner in which client will wear their hair. Pay particular attention to parting preference, etc. You may blow dry directionally using a round brush, etc at this time if you prefer to create more of an end result of bending a particular way.
  • Dry completely under a hooded dryer to 110% dry.

    Flat Iron Step

    THIS STEP can be skipped if client is merely trying to compress wide humidity hair, or if they are merely trying to reduce frizz. This step is required if client wishes to tame some curl, reduce curl, or gain smoother hair without losing its body.

    1. Section hair into four quadrants with clips, top, both sides an back.
    2. Using a flat iron, smooth the hair starting at nape using 1/2 inch sections approx. 2-3 inches wide. Adjust the heat of the iron to about 400℉ degrees and smooth the hair with very little tension. Each section should be smoothed in the direction hair will be desired to be worn. Depending on the preferred end result, or the resistance of the hair and curl, repeat motion for thermal iron on each section 3-6 times depending on the resistance of the hair. Use slow, even passes. The morepasses, the smoother the end result will be. For light smoothing 3-4 passes, for stronger smoothing, use closer to 6 smoothing passes with thermal iron.

    NOTE: Client cannot go outside after thermal iron has been used on hair, prior to neutralizing. The humidity of going outside would revert the thermal iron work and you would have to thermal iron hair again.



    1. Clip hair starting at nape, and distribute neutralizer throughout the hair from roots to end, from nape in the back all the way up to the top of the head using a wide tooth comb to verify neutralizer is saturated in the hair and you have complete coverage. Be sure neutralizer is combed in hair the manner in which the client wears their hair.
    2. Apply neutralizer quickly and once completely on hair; Allow to remain on hair for 4 minutes. No more. Rinse thoroughly.


    Condition and Style

    1. Spray Tiger Moisturizing Mist for permanent protein and moisture reconstructing.
    2. Apply professional styling products and style the hair as desired using a blow dryer and curling or flat iron.


    If Coloring Same Day

    1. Before the condition and style steps above, spray Tiger Reconstructor into the hair again. Use twice the amount compared to normal application.
    2. Dry the hair completely.
    3. Apply color and process as normally done. Following rinse, follow the steps above to condition and style.

    You CAN color the same day. You can shampoo same day. Next day, if you want some curl, you can curl your hair with a curling iron. Your hair will be silky smooth and shiny as well as strong and healthy! Best of all, the smoothing and reconstructing benefits are permanent. They will not need to be repeated until the new hair growth requires it!

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