Cocktailing with Texture and Texture Ultra Light

Cocktailing with Texture and Texture Ultra Light

by Karen Stevenson, PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

Do You Cocktail or Layer?

Karen Stevenson, PHD - Professional Hair DresserWhether you cocktail or layer your ProDesign, you will be thrilled with the amazing shine, volume and hold that we offer with our high integrity, weightless Products!

This article features Texture and Texture Ultra Light. Both excellent products for the following uses:

-Adding volume and density to longer hair from midshaft to ends, in order to create an overall even look.
-Creating Texture and shape-ability when desiring a more bohemian look for longer hair, or more volume for shorter sassier styles.
-Blow dry in to hair for a thicker feel and appearance
-Use on dry hair for added texture and grab.
-Adding to slick or over-clean hair for grab for up do’s for ‘second day’ hair.

If you prefer to Cocktail, by placing two or more ProDesign products in your hands and mixing them together to apply to hair, or if you prefer to layer, you will love the results of Texture or Texture Ultra Light mixed with other ProDesign styling products.

The difference between Texture and Texture Ultra Light is the hold and/or the density level. Ultra Light being the lighter formula, either one will thrill you with it’s shine and moldable, touchable end result!

Men: Texture and hold is depending on whether you choose to layer or cocktail with Shape Gel, for lighter result, or Hold Gel for a firmer hold. Shampoo hair with desired ProDesign shampoo, use Rinse for your conditioner to create shine and manageability. Rinse. Towel dry. Layer or Cocktail your desired Gel, whether it be Shape or Hold, and mix with equal amounts of Texture or Texture Ultra Light. Either one, depending on your hair type. If your hair is finer and thinner, you may choose the Ultra Light, if it is mid to thicker hair, choose Texture. Once your hair is shaped the way you like it, by using your finger tips or a brush to set, allow to air dry for a few minutes. Once it is slightly dry, spray with Finishing Spray, Super Spray or Sessions 55 spray to hold in place for an all day lasting style!

If your hair is longer, you may wish to Shampoo with ProDesign Shampoo, then use Rinse Conditioner, Rinse, Towel Dry, then add Shape Gel for volume and manageability, then layer or you may cocktail with the Shape Gel, the Texture or Texture Ultra Light, and blow dry with heat. You may wish to then, add a bit more texture by using Switch (make sure you emulsify in your hands first), and then spray with Finishing Spray, Super Spray or Sessions 55.

Women: Texture and Texture Ultra Light is amazing for the women that have longer hair, and their hair density seems to dissipate closer toward the ends, for an all over even appearance, merely Shampoo with ProDesign Shampoo of choice, then use Rinse Conditioner, towel dry. Add your Shape Gel all over hair, especially at the roots, and throughout the mid-shaft of hair, then add a cocktail, or layer the remaining of mid-shaft to ends of Shape Gel and your choice of Texture or Texture Ultra Light. Allow hair to air dry for a few minutes, then blow dry with heat until hair is closer to 80 percent dry. Then, use your styling brush of choice, to finish hair to dry. Once completely dry, you may choose to add a bit more of the Texture of your choice, to the locks, by emulsifying in hands, and raking fingers through the hair, adding the texture of bohemian results. If you don’t care for the more textured look, merely finish your straight style with your hot tools of choice, then finish with our Velocity, Spray, Super Spray or Sessions 55 Hairspray.

If you have mid-shaft to shorter hair, Texture and Texture Ultra Light is amazing to create volume when either cocktailed or layered with Shape Gel for volume and density. Our Texture will not weigh down the hair!

NOTE: If you desire conditioning as well as texture and volume shine, you may wish to spray some Tiger Reconstructor Spray on the hair PRIOR to adding the Shape Gel or Texture Cream of your choice. If you desire both conditioning and moisture, how about spraying Tiger Reconstructor Spray on the hair, then add some Tiger Masque to the hair, then continue with the Shape Gel and Texture Cream of your choice. The layering will NOT add heaviness to hair. If you happen to feel hair is a bit too heavy, reduce any Tiger Masque you may use.

If you have a shorter style, again, Shampoo and Rinse as above. This time, add by Cocktailing or Layering, Shape Gel, then the Texture Cream, may wish to add some Switch to your damp hair, then blow dry your textured shorter style. When finished, you may add additional Texture Cream, even add some additional Switch for texture, lastly, use Spray, Super Spray, Sessions 55 or Velocity to finish!

Creating excellent volume for shorter styles is easy with a small portion of Shape Styling Gel, layer or cocktail Texture Cream of choice, then add some Tiger Moisture Masque and Tiger Reconstructor to the palm of your hand, and mix all together! Apply to roots to mid-shaft, and distribute evenly. After blow drying finish with some additional Texture Cream or Switch, and Spray with your desired Spray, Super Spray, Sessions 55 or Velocity. The shine and integrity of your hair will be as if you are secretly adding a treatment as well as styling at the same time!!

Any of the above are suggestions and not the ‘rule’. You most certainly are invited to experiment with your own use of cocktails or layering with our Texture Cream and Texture Ultra Light. Don’t be afraid to try your own applications! Send us your suggestions. You will be more than thrilled with the shine, hair health, manageability and styles you can achieve with these amazing products!

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