Changing Hair – Changing Lives

Changing Hair – Changing Lives

by Gena Morgan

Gena MorganWith the holidays upon us and the hustle and bustle of our “busy season,” I sat and contemplated what I was going to write about in this month’s newsletter. As different ideas came and went in my head, the one that kept coming back to me was, “the hair is just the vehicle”. Being in this wonderful business for almost 28 years, I realize more and more every day, how true that statement really is.

When we take time to listen… I mean, really listen (that means stop talking! Haha), there is alwaysa bigger picture to why a particular guest is sitting in our chair, on that particular day at that exacttime! The hair is always the “vehicle” that brought them to us, but the real reason they are there is way bigger than that!

How many times have you heard a guest say, “I couldn’t wait to get here to see you,” or “this is the highlight of my day,” or “I wish I could take you home with me?” And we just smile and keep on talking because we hear this all the time! But do you realize the power we hold in our two hands? We not only have the power to “change hair,” but to “change lives.” The things that just come naturally to hairdressers… a smile, a listening ear, a kind word, the act of “serving,” and the physical touch associated with our job are very powerful!

Have you ever noticed, it all starts with the shampoo, when the guest says, “You can do that all day?” And then as we work our magic, our guest then proceeds to tell us absolutely EVERYTHING about themselves. If in fact we are doing our job, creating an amazing experience for people and they feel valued and safe, they will share things with us that they don’t even share with their own families, and we will build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Which brings me to the point of this article, “Changing Hair – Changing Lives.” ProDesign has provided us with superior tools to do just that. Over 16 years ago, I made a conscious decision tolearn absolutely everything I could about the ProDesign products (and I’m still learning more everyday) and to make them my focus, so that I could be an “expert in my field!” And I can tell you with every ounce of my being that those products do exactly what they say they will do and they work 100% of the time! They have never let me down! And my guests will attest to it! All I have to do is tell them “what” I am using and “why.” They see the results, they purchase the products, they cando their hair at home, and they buy again and again.

We are seeing all versions of “texture” reappear! With “Tiger Controlled Effects” and fun wraps, we really can create the look of natural curl! With “Tiger Straight Effects” and the “Tiger Smoothing System,” we are able to do everything from just collapsing their existing curl or de-frizzing, to completely straightening hair, leaving the hair in better condition after! To see the look on the face of a teenage girl who could barely even get a comb through her hair because it was so curly and frizzy, and to be able to blow it dry and have it look smooth and shiny, is so rewarding. Words can’t express how it feels to see the tears in the eyes of her mom, because her little girl was so happy.

I remember a 13 year old girl that was a model for us at a hair show in Kansas City that we did a “Tiger Straight Effects” on. Her hair started out as a tight afro, and afterwards was a smooth shiny bob! I wish everyone could have seen the look on her face when she looked in the mirror for the first time! I think it was the biggest smile I’ve ever seen! And seeing her run her hands through her hair, probably for the first time, without tangles… Priceless! When her mom came later that day, her eyes filled with tears when she saw her daughter’s hair and her daughter’s smile! That’s what it really means “Changing Hair – Changes Lives!”

So in this wonderful holiday season, take time to really listen to “why” that guest is in your chair, and take this opportunity to “Change Their Hair and Change Their Lives!”

May God Bless You All!

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