Tiger Reconstructing System

Tiger Reconstructing System

Tiger Reconstructing System

Today, image is everything, and as you can imagine, there is no second chance to make a first impression. Taking good care of your hair not only improves your image but also boosts your confidence. However, since hair is not living tissue, it does not have the regenerative ability and cannot heal after being damaged. As such, it is vital to use the right products that deliver the expected results. ProDesign Tiger products feature innovative, breakthrough technology that repairs damaged hair and protects against chemical damage.

Our Tiger Reconstructing System is comprised of a wide range of products tailored to help you achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy hair. These products can be purchased only through participating salons.

Tiger Reconstructing Shampoo

The Tiger Reconstructing Shampoo utilizes a Tiger protein catalyst and contains a fruit acid color lock. These help to rebuild and add strength to processed or damaged locks. In addition to strength, the product also locks in color and texture to leave hair with a brilliant shine. With a pH of 6.9, this shampoo is great for strengthening all types of weak hair and is a must-have for brunettes and redheads. It is also a great choice for those with dry hair. Regardless of whether you want to wear your hair wavy or straight, Tiger Reconstructing Shampoo will leave yours with moisture, shine, and a light feel.

Tiger Moisturizing Shampoo

Our haircare line also includes the Tiger Moisturizing Shampoo. The Hydrotein strengthening moisture bonds protein permanently and provides a luxurious lather that moisturizes and softens brittle and dry hair. The strengthening moisture is perfect for all types and works excellently on dry, grey, or treated locks. It not only helps to achieve weightless detangling but also makes hair soft, shiny, and adds instant control. This product is a must for dry, coarse, grey, highlighted, and blonde types. With a pH of 6.9, this shampoo is almost neutral, making it a great product for permanently rebuilding and restoring the appearance of all hair types.

Tiger Reconstructor

We also have the Tiger Reconstructor, a leave-in treatment that is perfect for anyone looking to grow their hair longer and stronger faster while adding body and shine to it. The Tiger flex protein and catalyst helps to permanently rebuild all hair types, including dull, damaged, dry, and limp hair. The best time to use this care product is before, during, and after color and chemical services. Containing the ingredients necessary for achieving shiny and healthy locks, the product comes in different sizes for convenience. This Tiger Reconstructor can be used as necessary, whether daily or weekly, depending on your needs.

Tiger Controlled Effects Perm

In the past, permanent waves would compromise the hair’s condition, a factor that presented major challenges. Today, thanks to the tinted/bleached and normal/resistant formulas in the Tiger Controlled Effects Perm, it is now possible to protect and reconstruct as you a perm. It is also possible to combine bleach and color with the perm process. The product allows for coloring and bleaching immediately following the perm while keeping hair in great condition. Apart from helping to preserve the hair’s condition, the product delivers real wave and curl longevity without any residual fragrance on the hair. Our Tiger Controlled Effects Perm is available in different sizes, ranging from small to jumbo.

Tiger Moisture Mist

The Tiger Moisture Mist is another of our products that can help keep hair strong and attractive. The daily leave-in treatment contains Tiger Hydrotein strengthening moisture that not only adds moisture but also detangles, softens, and adds shine. Instant moisture means that you can use this product every time you wash your hair; just before using the styling product. This product rebuilds hair from the inside out to ensure that hair is truly strong and thriving as well as give it conditioning and body. The hair care product is perfect for use before, during, and after applying chemical and color.

Tiger Masque

The Tiger Masque works best when it comes to deep moisturizing and also helps to rebuild all types permanently. This daily leave-in treatment contains Tiger Hydrotein strengthening moisture that helps to repair damaged hair and keep it strong when it gets weak. The product binds moisture into hair without oils, softens brittle strands, and delivers soft and shiny locks while adding control. Weightless detangling promotes flexibility when looking to condition hair between styling as it smoothens, moisturizes, and protects hair without weighing it down. The Tiger Masque is a great option for people of all ages and for all types. Buyers can choose from the two size options available.

Tiger Smoothing Kit

Our Tiger Smoothing Kit is made up of a wide range of care products to help you achieve and maintain the look you desire. The product contains a Tiger Protein Reconstructor, Tiger Reconstructor Masque, Tiger Moisturizing Shampoo, Cleanse Shampoo, Controlled Effects Normal Perm as well as smoothing instructions. All the products found in the kit are safe since they contain no toxic formaldehyde or aldehydes. The breakthrough Tiger Catalyst Technology is able to repair damaged hair before perming or applying color and can reduce porosity in hair that was previously permed or color-treated. The products are great for permanent smoothing and straightening, permanent de-frizzing, and improving hair condition.

Choosing the right brand of hair care products is just as important as selecting the best product for your needs. With the numerous options available on the market today, making the right decision can be overwhelming. At ProDesign International we have made it easy for consumers to learn more about our products before making a purchase. We also provide a wide range of quality products that are not only safe but also designed to help you realize the results you desire. We also take time to come up with products that address the unique needs of our customers. If you wish to get more information on our products or where to purchase them, contact us today.