Tiger Technology

Lee Hunter, Ph. D.

Lee Hunter, Ph.D.

Welcome to the first installment of my Science Commentaries. As everyone knows, Tiger Reconstructor Spray is the leading product in the ProDesign Product Line. The key to the unique product performance is the Tiger Catalyst. In this initial commentary, I will explain the basic Science of how the Tiger Catalyst works and how it makes such a big difference in the performance of permanent waving and hair color.

1. The story starts with the Science of hair. Hair is made of a special natural polymer called Keratin Protein. Keratin Protein Polymer is a very long molecule with thousands of atoms bonded together in a very long chain, similar to a train with thousands of cars linked together. The strong permanent bonds between the atoms in the Keratin Protein polymer are called Covalent Bonds. Normally during permanent waving or hair color processing, some Covalent Bonds of the Protein Polymer chain are broken by the chemical reaction with thio perm chemicals or a color chemical called hydrogen peroxide. This breakage of Covalent Bonds is normally permanent and causes weak, dull, dry and damaged hair that is hard to comb and is subject to breakage.

2. Tiger Reconstructor with the break-through Tiger Catalyst Technology is capable of repairing damaged hair. It does this by making new Covalent Bonds between new Keratin Protein and the Keratin Protein of hair; and by re-establishing Covalent Bonds within the Keratin Protein of hair that were previously broken. Due to this remarkable capability, Tiger Reconstructor is capable of repairing damaged hair and when used on the hair prior to perming or applying hair color, it is capable of reducing the porosity of previously permed or color-treated hair.

3. Tiger Reconstructor can protect against chemical damage to hair during perm and color processing. In other words, whereas chemical processes of permanent waving and hair color damage hair by breaking Covalent Bonds of the hair Protein, the Tiger Catalyst promotes the making of new Covalent Bonds within hair Protein. For this reason, when the Tiger Catalyst is present in the hair during permanent wave processing or hair color processing, the Tiger Catalyst makes Covalent Bonds and prevents the Perm and Color chemicals from breaking Covalent Bonds. In this way, the Tiger Catalyst protects the hair Protein from most of the damage that normally would occur if it were not present.

This is the way that using Tiger Reconstructor before and during permanent wave or hair color processing reduces damage to hair. No wonder that the Tiger Reconstrutor is the leading product in the ProDesign Product Line!

Lee Hunter, Ph. D.