Moisture or Protein?

Moisture or Protein? Protein and Moisture? Who Needs What and Why? I’m so Confused!

By Gena Morgan

gena_morganOver the years, both teaching about ProDesign products and explaining to my clients “why” they needed the products I recommended, specifically the Tiger Products, a few questions always came up: “Which Tiger Products do I need? How do I tell which Tiger Products my client needs? How do I explain to my clients why they need them and what the difference is?”

So I decided to take this opportunity to answer those questions as simply as possible.
1. Everyone needs Protein AND Moisture
2. Protein makes hair STRONGER
3. Moisture makes hair SOFTER
4. Hair that is breaking off needs Protein
5. Hair that is rough and frizzy needs Moisture

If they say “my hair never grows”, but you know it does because they have “roots”, their hair is breaking off and needs Protein, specifically Tiger Reconstructor.

If they say “my hair looks dull and frizzy, I can’t get a comb through it”, they need Moisture, specifically Tiger Moisture Mist and Tiger Masque.

If they say, “I need a hot oil treatment”, they need Tiger Masque.

Here is how I recommend the Tiger Products to my clients:
1. Color Clients, Texture Clients, Clients whose hair is breaking off:
a. Reconstructing Shampoo, Rinse, Tiger Reconstructor, (1-2 times per week), Masque (1-2 times per month)
2. Natural Curly Clients, Clients whose hair is really dry:
a. Moisture Shampoo, Rinse, Moisture Mist (1-2 times per week), Masque (1-2 times per month)
3. Clients that I don’t have a clue what to recommend because they are a little of both (haha!):
a. Reconstructing Shampoo, Rinse, Moisture Mist (1-2 times per week), Masque (1-2 times per month)

Always explain “how much” product to use, “how to apply” it, “how often” to use them, and the importance of drying the Tiger Products into the hair until it’s 100% dry in order to make a permanent protein and moisture bond!!!

There you have it! Tiger made simple!