Hot Tips for Clients

Lee Hunter, Ph. D.

Lee Hunter, Ph.D.

So, you are a client who has been sent home with some ProDesign Products. My name is Dr Lee Hunter and I am the chemist who has developed the ProDesign Products. I am starting a series of articles to assist you the client with hot tips on how to get the most out of the ProDesign Products. This month’s article talks about using the ProDesign Products included in the Client Take-Home Kit that is currently on sale at 20% off in salons in January and February 2011. This Take-Home Kit is especially useful for you if you have just had a Smoothing Treatment, or hair color, or permanent wave; or if your hair has been damaged from the rigors of washing and combing over the past year. Maybe you have long hair and the ends have become rough and porous. (Did you know that hair grows just six inches a year and if your hair is just eighteen inches long, the ends are at least three years old!)

Here is a brief description of how to get the most from these products for your hair.

1. Tiger Reconstructor – This is the leading product in the ProDesign line. Spray this into your towel-dry hair after rinsing shampoo and or conditioner from your hair. This is a leave-in protein Reconstructor that will permanently re-bond broken keratin protein bonds in the hair, especially closer to the ends that are usually more damaged. This product will also add keratin protein to the hair and permanently bond it todamaged areas. The chemical reaction for this is made possible by a special Tiger Catalyst that is proprietary to ProDesign. The reaction relies on heat from a blow dryer or curling iron, similar to cooking.Since the product is a leave-in product, you can put styling products over it before blow drying and/or using a curling iron. Also, the product works just fine without heat, but you just do not get the maximum
reconstruction. In addition to repairing the hair, the Tiger Reconstructor locks in color and helps to make the color last longer.

2. Tiger Reconstructing Shampoo – This shampoo provides thorough cleaning and removal of styling products and hair sprays while at the same time being mild toward hair color. The Tiger Catalyst in this shampoo helps to reinforce and maintain the Tiger Reconstructor Treatments.

3. ProDesign Rinse – This is a rinse-out instant conditioner. This product gives excellent conditioning, shine and detangling. Rinse also helps to lock in color due to the strengthening of ionic bonds in the hair from fruit acids. In addition to these three products including in the Client Take-Home Kit.

I would like to recommend one more ProDesign Product for you today. It is called the Tiger Moisture
Masque. This product gives permanent “moisturizing” to the hair. The chemistry for action is the same
as for the Tiger Reconstructor, except it incorporates a moisturizing keratin protein for permanently
attaching in the damaged dry areas of the hair. This product should be applied to towel-dry hair, dried
into the hair with heat, then rinsed out. This gives a maximum moisturizing treatment, which can be done
weekly or as often as desired. It is also possible to use a very small amount of the Tiger Moisture
Masque as a leave-in conditioner when applied directly on top of the Tiger Reconstructor.

I hope you enjoy these products. I suspect you will experience a difference with your hair, especially the ends.

Best Regards!

Lee Hunter, Ph.D.